Sep 26,2021

Prevent oil leakage of electric forklift

In the use of electric forklift, it is necessary to guard against the outbreak of oil leakage. Once the forklift leaks oil, it will affect the working conditions of the forklift. In order to prevent the display of such a situation, the service staff usually need to pay attention to the use of the gasket. Even if the gasket is not properly used, the oil leakage problem will simply occur when the touch surface area of the mechanical oil pan and other areas becomes large.

Sep 26,2021

What is the difference between full electric stacker and semi electric stacker

The electric stacker is a subdivision form of the electric forklift and is a hand push manipulator. Electric hydraulic lifting, walking, steering, automatic and convenient loading and unloading equipment. It is an industrial transport vehicle powered by batteries, and refers to various pallet transport vehicles, which are used for loading, unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation of pallet goods. The semi electric stacker has a lifting motor, which drives the hydraulic cylinder to lift the goods. The increase or decrease of cargo load is driven by electricity. Generally, the battery power efficiency is a combination of 12V and 24V, depending on the tonnage. Multi function handle: the operator can start the vehicle through the electronic lock. The lifting speed is easy to control. If you need to accelerate the lifting, you only need to control the switch on the handle to achieve the ideal lifting effect.

Sep 26,2021

Advantages and protection of forward moving electric forklift

1. The tires of the forward moving electric forklift are all environmental friendly polyurethane wheels, which are durable and wear-resistant, reduce the traveling resistance, and ensure no trace and no degumming; 2. Curve control technology; 3. Power loss braking; 4. Safety shut-off valve; 5. Shock absorbing pedal and anti-skid foot pad make the operation more stable, and high-efficiency damping shock absorber reduces the vibration caused by uneven road surface to a small extent; 6. Simple operation, easy to use and environmental protection; 7. Solid chassis and gantry, adding durability of forklift; 8. The vertical drive has a smaller turning radius than the traditional horizontal drive, which saves internal space and is convenient for protection. It is useful to reduce the erosion of dust and moisture on the motor of the electric forklift, with high efficiency and strong overload capacity; 9. The ergonomically planned operation handle integrates acceleration, reversing, horn, braking and all operation functions to provide a large degree of comfort for the operator; 10. Greatly saving the working space; 11. The forward moving electric forklift has the function of high speed limit;

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