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Prevent oil leakage of electric forklift

Sep 26,2021

Prevent oil leakage of electric forklift

In the use of electric forklift, it is necessary to guard against the outbreak of oil leakage. Once the forklift leaks oil, it will affect the working conditions of the forklift. In order to prevent the display of such a situation, the service staff usually need to pay attention to the use of the gasket. Even if the gasket is not properly used, the oil leakage problem will simply occur when the touch surface area of the mechanical oil pan and other areas becomes large.

Other service staff should be careful to check the screw mother of the electric forklift to prevent oil leakage caused by the loosening of the screw mother. Even if the screw mother is too loose, the gasket will not be compacted. However, even if the screw mother is too tight, it will lead to an outstanding situation for the surrounding non-metal. These are simple incentives for oil leakage, and are also things that need to be careful when using forklift skills.

When the electric forklift is used for a long time, the oil seal also simply shows the problem. The oil seal may be replaced on time due to the situation of invalidation, so that the oil seal should be established quietly and the aging situation due to the long use of time should be prevented. When the oil seal is aging or the elastic change occurs, the essential effect of the oil seal will also be affected. Therefore, the staff should replace the parts on time, Only in this way can we protect the operation efficiency of the forklift.

When using the electric forklift, the service staff must also be aware of the working conditions of the main optical bearing. When the isolation between the main optical bearing and the journal exceeds the regular scope, the sealing effect will also be affected. In such a situation, the oil will probably show the situation of leakage, and the oil leakage situation may break out. This Kung Fu conflict piece will slip due to the influence of oil pollution, and directly affect the use of oil seal. Therefore, it is necessary to check and understand the application situation of the main optical bearing on time, and also to carry out repair and replacement on time.