Double lifting electric stacker truck

The body can be raised by 10 mm and can pass through higher obstacles


Storage vehicle manufacturing

Electric forklift, electric tractor, carrier and stacking truck


Widely used in many fields

It is used in casting, processing, medicine and food, cold storage, logistics, textile and other fields


The company specializes in the production of: electric stacker,electric pallet truck,electric fork truck,etc.


Brand dominates marketing and supports brand with service

Prevent oil leakage of electric forklift


In the use of electric forklift, it is necessary to guard against the outbreak of oil leakage. Once the forklift leaks oil, it will affect the working conditions of the forklift. In order to prevent the display of such a situation, the service staff usually need to pay attention to the use of the gasket. Even if the gasket is not properly used, the oil leakage problem will simply occur when the touch surface area of the mechanical oil pan and other areas becomes large.

What are the advantages of forklift in use


The forklift has simple operation and flexible control, and its operation intensity is much lighter than that of the internal combustion forklift. The electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and braking system are all controlled by electric signals, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators. This is very helpful to improve work efficiency and accuracy. The forklift also has outstanding characteristics such as high efficiency energy conversion, zero exhaust gas emission and low noise.

Analysis of sales volume of forklift in China


Forklift products are one of the important supporting infrastructure for industrial development, and are widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yards, factory workshops, warehouses, distribution centers and other national economic departments. With the development of the global economy, the demand for forklifts is also gradually increasing, which promotes the growth of forklift sales. According to the data, from 2011 to 2020, the global sales of forklifts continued to rise. By 2020, the global sales of forklifts increased to 1.5826 million, with a year-on-year increase of 5.98%.